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Set the mood with Toon


The Eneco consumer does not feel involved with their energy consumption.

To give more insight information Eneco created Toon, a device that shows how much energy you are using. It is a product that makes energy consumption transparent.


As an introduction, Toon will be installed in the most “transparent” house in the Netherlands, namely the glass house from 3FM Serious Request. Toon will make the climate in the glass house manageable and understandable for the audience in the Netherlands.


A billboard will be placed next to the house, displaying a big version of Toon. The audience is in charge of the temperature inside the house by donating money. One euro to change one Celsius, up or down.


This will eventually result in the DJ’s being forced to walk around in their swimwear or trying to stay warm in their ski suits. They can shout out for help on the radio to lower or higher the temperature for their comfort.

With Toon you can change the mood in the glass house!


Project: Jongehonden


Award: Jongehonden silver


Collaboration: Frank Vogelaar